UK & Ireland Heritage Railways

About the Website

This website is the latest incarnation of the 'UK Heritage Railways' website that was originally set up in 1995 at the address. It attracts over 340,000 visitors per annum and is typically among the top 3 search engine results for 'heritage railways'.

Much of the content, and the photographs in particular, have been supplied by other people so I am very grateful to all those who have contributed. More pictures are always welcome and may be emailed to the address below.

Only heritage railways and museum which are open to the public at least 10 times per year and at least 2ft gauge will be included on the main listings and map pages. Any other railway related websites will however be included in the Websites Database and new entries are always welcome.

Links to this website are of course welcome and should be titled as 'UK & Ireland Heritage Railways'.

The slideshow on the front page shows a random selection of 5 pictures from a much larger pool of images. The full show can be seen HERE.

Details of all the latest updates to the website are available in the Webmasters Blog.

About Me

My name is Mark Dewell and I first got involved in railway preservation in the 1980's as an active member of the Great Western Society at Didcot Railway Centre, being trained as a shunter, guard and fireman. Lack of time forced me to give up such active involvement.

I work in the IT department at the University of East London and it was when they set up their first webservers in 1995 and allowed staff to put pages on these that I set up my first railway related website.

In 1996 I contacted the Heritage Railway Association to ask if they would like me to include some information about them on the website, and was promptly appointed as their Internet Officer, a post that I held until Oct 2011.

I later became one of the founding members of the Epping Ongar Railway Volunteer Society. I was the EOR Publicity Officer for 5 years and chaired the Events Committee for 2 years. I was also one of the drivers of the DMU (and learnt more than I really wanted too about how to fix DMUs!). I left EOR at the beginning of 2008.

I am also the webmaster for the New Europe Railway Heritage Trust.

I am not currently associated with any particular heritage railway.

I can be contacted via email to