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There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes of this website. Some of the results of that work are highly visible (such as the Events page), but other work such as updates to the Locomotives Database are not so visible. So this page is intended to highlight some of the less noticable additions and updates on the website as they happen.

3 January 2019
Happy New Year to all my readers. I hope you and your railways have a great 2019.
It's been a while since my last blog entry, but I haven't been entirely idle. . .
I have been reviewing the links in the Websites database to ensure they are all working (A few were broken and have therefore been removed; and others seem to have been replaced with new websites/domains). I try to check them all at least once a year but nearly 800 websites takes a while (especially when I get distracted by reading the news pages on them!).
Over the next couple of months I will be busy adding events to the Events Diary, and also issuing InterRail cards on behalf of the Heritage Railway Association.
My thanks to everyone who has contributed info and pictures for use on the website. It wouldn't be nearly as useful without all your help.

23 October 2018
I've been off on hols again, this time to Swanage where we greatly enjoyed their gala weekend on 13/14 October (despite the timetable going completely to pot). We also visited the Purbeck Mineral and Mining Musem at Norden (and look forward to seeing their narrow gauge railway running at some future date).

22 September 2018
The review of the Glossary has now been completed (for now) and there have been a few updates to the Locomotives Database recently.
Eastern Star No 71 has just uploaded to the New Europe Railway Heritage Trust website at

28 August 2018
I have been taking the opportunity of some spare time to review the Glossary section of the website. I have expanded quite a few entries and also added numerous links to various pages of Graces Guide. The review is ongoing.
The Events Diary has also been updated with all events for the later half of the year (although I don't include Santa Specials etc).

4 August 2018
You may have occasionally seen the following error when connecting to this website.
   'The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.'
This seems to have been happening increasingly often during July 2018 and after discussing the situation with my ISP (Pixelnet), the website was migrated to their 'new platform, with improved servers, network, and features'.
Apologies for any inconvenience or dissappointment that the ongoing issues (and during the miration overnight on 30/31 July) may have caused. Hopefully things will now be more reliable.

17 July 2018
I've been off on holiday again, this time to Shropshire where we stayed in the carriages at Coalport Station. It's a lovely location on the banks of the River Severn within walking distance of the Ironbridge Museums and of course handy for the Telford Steam Railway, Black Country Living Museum and Severn Valley Railway.
I returned to find emails and loco pictures from several people and these will be uploaded in the next few days.

13 June 2018
My thanks to Nick Blyth for his photos of Embsay, Vintage Carriages Trust, Somerset & Dorest Railway Trust, Barrow Hill and Bristol Harbour railways, which have now been added to the pages for each of those railways.
I have also been updating the Events Diary with events for the second half of the year (as many railways had not published those when I was checking nearer the start of the year).

8 May 2018
EasyMapMaker have informed me that they are going to start charging for maps that have more than 100 locations so I have now converted the Map page to directly access Google Maps. Unfortunately it does mean that the location grouping feature is no longer available so the map looks a little crowded until you start zooming in.

30 April 2018
I've been away in Liverpool for a few days and managed to catch the Merseyside Tramway Preservation Society running.
Also added several loco photos supplied by Ian Johnston, thanks Ian.

16 April 2018
I noticed that the Lathalmond Railway Museum (aka Shed 47) is now open much more often and therefore meets my criteria for inclusion in the main listings and the map, so I have now added a dedicated page for them.
There have also been a few more Loco updates and photos added or updated.

27 March 2018
Just a quick note to let you know I'm still here but not been much happening on the website. I did do another pass of the outstanding railway events so the Events Diary is almost fully up to date now.

15 February 2018
A month since my last update. Where does the time go?
Well I've not been idle as those of you who regularly look at the Events page will have seen. There are still about 20 railways that have yet to publish their events for 2018 so I will be keeping any eye out for those over the next few weeks.
I expect the majority of my 'free' time over the next couple of months to be spent runing the HRA InterRail Card scheme (For those who don't know, it's a privilege travel scheme for staff and volunteers on heritage railways. If you want to know more, then please ask the staff at whatever railway you volunteer on. If you don't volunteer on any railways, then this scheme is not for you.), but don't let that put you off sending any updates and/or photos for this website. It may be a few days before I respond, but nothing gets forgotten.

11 January 2018
Regular visitors may have noticed the rapidly expanding list of events, and I am now about half way through the first pass of heritage railways collecting their events into my Events Diary. Quite a few have yet to publish their events and I will be revisiting those websites in a couple of weeks time.
My thanks to Nick Blyth for his photos of the Derwent Valley Railway and to Daniel King for his update and photos of the Talyllyn Railway.
Those of you interested in what some of our European colleagues have been up to, may like to take a look at Eastern Star No 68 which I have just uploaded to the New Europe Railway Heritage Trust website at