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East Lancashire Railway

East Lancashire Railway - Bury Bolton Station GNR loco No 1744 on East Lancashire Railway


Length of Line:

Number of Stations:


Bury BL9 0EY

12 mile



Rail Experience Days:

Dining Trains:

4ft 8½in



The East Lancashire Railway has always been a vital part of the areas landscape and has helped shape the destiny of the towns along its route through the transportation of goods and people. The railway provided industries with a vital link to the country’s network of import, export, raw materials and probably most important of all, workers. Even in those utilitarian times however, the East Lancashire Railway provided a leisure time service for holidaying workers. Developing technology in turn developed the railway, however it was also the introduction of newer, more cost effective technologies that led to the decline of the Railway as the main method of transportation.

The influx of cars, trucks and buses on Britains roads soon made the railway a liability rather than a vital service in the eyes of the government, and all but the bare minimum of stations were closed. This is where the battle to preserve the East Lancashire Railway begins. Under various names the East Lancashire Light Railway company and the East Lancashire Railway trust have worked dilligently and for the most part voluntarily to keep a little piece of this bygone age alive.

Now it makes for an exciting and dramatic gateway to a great day out, with plenty of new experiences waiting for you along the line!

Also, see the transport history of Bury come to life around you in the Bury Transport Museum. Through interactive displays, vintage vehicle exhibits and original artefacts you can explore the stories of people’s lives and jobs in the early 20th Century.