UK & Ireland Heritage Railways




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A collection of pages for railway enthusiasts.


Websites Database. My version of a links page, featuring over 700 of them.

Locomotives Database. Details of over 3,000 heritage railway locomotives, including over 1,900 photographs.

Railway Heritage Registers. Databases covering carriages and wagons.


Steam Locomotive Diagram. A guide to the basic parts of a typical steam locomotive.

Boiler Diagram. Steam locomotive boilers are more than just big kettles.

Steam Locomotive Controls. A guide to the controls of an ex-GWR steam locomotive.

Injector Magic. Just how do you use steam pressure to inject water into the same boiler that has generated that pressure?


A Brief History of Railway Signalling. A non-technical guide to how and why railway signalling was developed.

Railway Glossary. Just what is a 'Fouling bar'? Where would you find a 'King post'? Over 900 entries to answer these and many other questions about heritage railways.

Railway Technical. If you still have questions that the Glossary did not answer, then give this website a try. It's packed with articles about railways, covering technical, operational and financial issues.