UK & Ireland Heritage Railways

Events Diary

Heritage Railways hold over 1000 special events every year. Events for all the railways for the next few months are listed here.

PLEASE NOTE: Nearly all railways hold Santa Events on every weekend in December, so I don't list those here as it would just fill the Diary and make it hard to find any other event types during the Christmas period.

For a full listing of events for any particular railway, please visit that railway's own website.

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Day Out With Thomas
11/11/17 - 12/11/17 : Kirklees Light Railway
Meet Thomas, Percy, Mavis and the Fat Controller and many other attractions to keep the kids entertained

Railcar Winter Specials
11/11/17 - 12/11/17 : Nene Valley Railway
Travel in Swedish style along the Nene Valley in our Railcar.

Remembrance Sunday
12/11/17 - : Lynton & Barnstaple Railway
With AXE, our World War One loco - dedicated to those who served on the railways of the Western Front.

Lancashire Weekend
18/11/17 - 19/11/17 : East Lancashire Railway
Celebrate the day Lancashire sent its first representatives to parliament, join us for a feast of folksy Lancastrian favourites including the Lancashire Day proclamation which will be read out by a traditional town crier!

Railcar Winter Specials
18/11/17 - 19/11/17 : Nene Valley Railway
Travel in Swedish style along the Nene Valley in our Railcar.

Winter Warmer
19/11/17 - : Lincolnshire Wolds Railway
Enjoy a delicious hot meal in the buffet!

Day Out With Thomas
2/12/17 - 3/12/17 : Dean Forest Railway

Mince Pie Specials
12/12/17 - 1/1/18 : Lynton & Barnstaple Railway
Every passenger receives a mince pie with our compliments.

Mince Pie Specials
26/12/17 - : Tanfield Railway
Spend the day at Tanfield after all the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season. A mince pie is a must for every visitor!

Christmas Leave
26/12/17 - 27/12/17 : Mid-Hants Railway
This Christmas, the Watercress Line invite you to join civilian and military re-enactors and experience the atmosphere of a WWII Christmas on the railway. Whether this is a trip down memory lane, or a chance to make new memories, it is the perfect place to bring your family and guests after Christmas. Our period stations will host re-enactors and the general public enjoying song, dance, steam and seasonal merriment. Do come and join them for this unique experience.

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