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Leighton Buzzard Railway

Loading trucks on the Leighton Buzzard Railway Passenger train on the Leighton Buzzard Railway


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Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire LU7 4TG

3 miles



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Dining Trains:

2 ft



The Leighton Buzzard Railway is one of the leading narrow gauge lines in England and is of local and national importance.

Constructed immediately following the First World War to serve the local sand industry it was originally worked by steam locomotives. These were later replaced by petrol powered locomotives, probably becoming the first permanent railway in the world to be exclusively worked by internal combustion power.

In the late 1960s a Society started running public passenger trains at weekends while midweek, commercial operations continued. In 1977 the Society took over the line completely, making LBR one of very few heritage railways in Britain to enter preservation without ever being closed. Steam soon returned and the collection of steam and internal combustion locomotives has become one of the largest in Britain. The railway is an accredited museum and custodian of NRM-owned locomotives and wagons.

With its history inexorably linked with WW1 (it was built and equipped with war-surplus materials and locomotives) LBR has also become the natural base for a significant collection of 1914-1918 vintage narrow gauge equipment.

In addition to steam hauled passenger services regular displays of industrial narrow gauge operations are held at its Stonehenge Works terminus.