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A searchable database of 813 links to Websites about Railways and Tramways in the United Kingdom and Ireland, both past and present.

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The database was last updated on 20 November 2018 and is checked regularly for broken links. If you do find a broken link then please do
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Recent Additions to the Database

Rail Map online provides interactive maps of past & present railways.

Bulleid 4-DD Double Deck EMU Supporters Group
This website is dedicated to the history of the 4-DD Class Electric Multiple Units.Designed by OVS Bulleid in 1949 for the Southern Region of the newly nationalised British Railways.

Barrowmore Model Railway Group - Prototype Info
I don't usually link to railway modeling websites, but the great collection of British Rail Diagrams make this website a 'must link'.

Paul Bartlett's Photographs
A large collection of railway photographs, including 'the largest collection of BR period wagon photos on the web'.

MOD Kineton and its Railway History
The MOD site at Kineton extends over several hundred acres and is linked to the main railway network by a branch-line. This site details the history of the line.

Picnic Saloon Trust
These pages give some detail of the carriage history, preservation and restoration of LNWR Picnic Saloon No.182.

Leiston Works Railway
Aiming to restore most of the line from the Long Shop Museum up to Leiston Station (and run Aveling Porter locomotive 'Sirapite' on it).

Sybil Locomotive Trust
The Sybil Locomotive Trust's website. The trust owns the ex Dinorwic Slate Quarries Bagnall 0-4-0ST steam locomotive 'SYBIL' no. 1760 of 1906 which is based at the West Lancashire light Railway,

North Cornwall Railway
Website about the North Cornwall Railway which opened in 1886 and ran until 1967.

Norwegian Locomotive Trust
The website of the Norwegian Locomotive Trust, owners of Norwegian State Railways (NSB) Type 21c locomotive No.376 'Norwegian' which is based on the Kent & East Sussex Railway