Website Links Database - NOTES

Website Title
The database will return any records containing the search string specified any where in the title field.
Please note that this is a simple text string search. Whatever you type in is exactly what it will search for (so don't put '+' between words - it won't find anything).
Each website may be associated with one or two categories to aid searching. Most of these are self explanatory, but some are not so obvious, so....
Community Railways Railways and railway partnership schemes run by local communities.
Education and Research These websites are mainly used for educational and research purposes (Many of these are also categorised as Historical).
Heritage Railway Supporting Groups These are the organisations who support (and in many cases operate) the heritage railways and museums.
Heritage Railways and Museums These are the heritage railways and museums that are open to the public at least 10 times per year (These are the ones also listed on the main RAILWAYS and MAP pages).
Historical Societies and Websites Organisations and websites devoted to the history of UK and Irish railways (Many of these are also categorised as Education and Research).
Locomotives Websites devoted to locomotives.
Mailing Lists Mailing lists relevant to UK railways will be included, providing they have at least 50 members and 5 messages per week. However, lists which only relate to a single heritage railway will not be included as they will already have their own main website(s) included in the database.
Miniature Railway Passenger carrying railways of less than 15 inch gauge.
New Builds and Reconstruction Projects Websites devoted entirely to new builds and reconstruction projects. (Projects which do not have their own seperate website will be listed under their 'owning' website).
Other Preservation Groups Intended for preservation groups that do not fit into other categories (e.g. Building preservation groups, signalling etc).
  Publications Covers publishers, authors and retailers of books and magazines.
  Railtour Operators and Information Rail Tour Operators and Websites devoted to mainline heritage rail tours.
  Railway Art, Photographs and Videos There are thousands of people publishing their photographs of railways on the internet, some of the better ones (with their own websites) are listed here.
  Railway Enthusiasts Websites of enthusiast groups and individuals who are not directly involved with any particular railway project.
  Rolling Stock Websites devoted to carriages, wagons and multiple units (but not locomotives, which have their own category - see above).
  Suppliers of Railway Parts or Services Suppliers of parts and services to railways.