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Rocks by Rail

Rocks by Rail Rocks by Rail


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Ashwell Road, Cottesmore, Rutland, LE15 7BX

1 mile



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4ft 8½in



Formerly known as Rutland Railway Museum.

The Museum sets out to portray a typical quarry system, as it would have operated in the area during the period from around 1950 to the late 1970's when the industry closed. We have chosen this time period because our collection includes equipment from earlier eras as well as that seen in quarries just before closure.

When you enter the Museum you will be directed to park in an area of restored land that was previously used as the sidings for the Exton Park group of quarries. Here quarry locomotives brought wagons from quarries on the top of the hill and from up to five miles away! Although it takes some imagination, these sidings joined the mineral branch close to the entrance gate.

You enter the Museum close to the hub of our quarry system. Please remember that safety is paramount and that although we have taken measures to ensure your safety, you should at all times act responsibly and in a considered manner. We are accommodating to all visitors and if you have special requirements please ask one of our volunteers who will be pleased to assist.